Defy your DNA with Liquid Keratin. This product has quickly become a favorite of all of the stylists at Thrixx. The results rival the original Brazilian Blowout…..The treatment that all of us with either curly hair, or even just frizzy wavy hair got hooked on…..only to have it abruptly pulled from all salons. Liquid Keratin is not only safe but incredibly effective. It leaves your hair so smooth, soft and manageable. People are finding the the dry time of their hair is cut half and many are able to just let their hair dry naturally. Imagine how much extra free time you would have, by not having to blow-dry your hair. The service can take up to 3 hours and right now we have a special rate of $175 to have it done. It is an financial investment in yourself and the reward is beautiful smooth easy to manage hair, and a lot more free time!


The ever popular Tea tree litre duos are back at Thrixx and on sale while quantities last. You can choose from Lavender Mint, which will sooth your senses with the calming fragrance of lavender and quench the moisture needs of your hair. Lemon Sage is energizing, not only with the fragrance but also with your hair. The shampoo and conditioner will thicken each strand and amp up the volume of your hair. Our third duo is the T3 Peppermint Tea Tree Duo. Those of you who have visited the salon may have experienced the intense tingle on your scalp in our wash house, the culprit is our T3 duo of shampoo and conditioner. This duo will be sure to get you through those slow moving mornings. Best of all all of our duos currently come with a free gift with purchase. A beautiful natural wooden styling brush!